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Cold Mountain Book Blog #4

Cold Mountain - Charles Frazier

    The book has progressed and Inman has just been through being caught by military force that has been looking for him. He and Veasey are marched across the country back along where they had already ventured. Finally after a long time of walking, the gaurds decided to shoot the men. The men were shot and buried in shallow graves. Inman escapes the shooting from the gaurds with a slight head wound and Veasey died. The view of the story then goes back to Ada. She works very hard and tries to get closer with nature while at it. This story became very sad when the men were shot and barely buried, and I am excited to see more of how Ada is adapting to her life and trying to find peace within herself and nature.

Cold Mountain. Book Blog #3

In Cold Mountain currently Inman is journeying westward. He goes through dangerous things such as the Cape Fear River. He escapes with his life due to a girl paddling a canoe. Inman meets the preacher Solomon Veasey, who tries to murder his pregnant lover. The preacher is kicked out of his community and is forced to continue westward with Inman. Solomon Veasy is full of trouble and causes triuble in a store and an inn. Solomon spends the night with a prostitute named Big Tildy, and a poor pedlar told Inman stories That were sad. The stories included ones about cruelty tward slaves and other various cruel topics. Inman has a crazy adventure ahead of him with Solomon Veasey around.

A Yellow Raft in Blue Water: Thoughts(Book Blog #2)

The novel A Yellow Raft in Blue Water is a very heart grabbing book thus far into the read. Personally having a good relationship with my birth-giver is very important, my mom and i are very close and have a very strong loving bond. It makes me very sad to see Rayona, the main character deserted by her mother both at her Aunts house and when she visited the hospital. Christine, Rayona's mother, likes to get drunk and party other than caring for her family. Having little to no parental supervision in life can be very bad for the future of kids, they should be taught rights from wrongs and learn valuable knowledge about ho to grow up. Instead of being taught good things her mother is a very bad influence on her. Christine sees no where else to go when Aunt Ida refuses to let her stay and she abandons her daughter. Christine literally ran away with a stranger from her daughter, i could not even fathom being stranded in the middle of Montana by my mom and it makes me very sad. This book is very emotional and is a fairly good read so far.

English3H-5 Cold Mountain Review #1

I have just recently started the novel Cold Mountain written by Charles Frazier. So far this book is pretty good, it stars out with a man named Inman who has recently been injured in the back of his neck in war. He was taken to a hospital hith horrible conditions and doesnt want to return. Inman dreams of a place that his mind can be free and decides that the place should be cold mountain which is a mountain located near him. "Cold Mountain nevertheless soared in his mind as a place where all his scattered forces might gather"(Frazier Pg.17). He thinks of the mountain as a better place and otherworldly. So far this novel really makes me think and is very interesting.

Insurgent: As Read Thoughts and Summary #5

The book Insurgent has had many more happenings in it. After reaching the Factionless "Headquarters", Tris and Four are obtained by the Candor people. When in the hands of the candor they are tried under a truth serum. When under the serum the testifying person can not lie to the questioner, unless they are divergent. Being divergent still does not stop the truth from coming out only some things were hidden because Tris and Four tried to keep things hidden and succeeded. While under the serum Tris admits that she killed her good friend Will while he was under the simulation they were put under to kill Abnegation people. Christina, Tris's friend who was in love with Will, was heartbroken and angered with Tris. After the confessions Four is also mad that Tris kept that secret from him even. Thus concludes book blog #5.

Insurgent: As Read Thoughts and Summary #4

After the characters have been safe in the Amity Compound, the Euridite come and search for Abnegation that had fled after the attacks. Tobias or Four is immediately spotted and him Tris and others flee to where the factionless live. they go to the leader of the factionless who is very suprising. The leader is Fours mom!! Four hates his mom for leaving him with his abusive father and not taking him with her. Tris and Four soon learn how large the factionless population is and that they are devising a plan to destroy the Euridite. Tris and Four are arrested and tried under truth serem that draws out all truth. The people who arrested them were the Candor, and they find out that Tris and Four are divergent and were not under influence of the simulation. While on the truth serem they are also asked their deepest regret and tris says its shooting Will and Christina her old friend who was in love with Will is very hurt and angry. Thus concludes book blog #4 of the book Insurgent.

Insurgent: As Read Thoughts and Summary #3

Tris, Four, and other members of Dauntless and Abnegation are still living in the Amity compound.  The visitors are told by the Amity leader, Johanna, that they may remain living there if they contribute to everyday work, They are also told to not cause problems or chaos which is hard for Tris to stay away from.  Not even a day after Johanna telling them the rules, Tris gets into a fight with Peter who had searched her room looking for the hard-drive that controlled the Dauntless members and caused them to kill innocent Abnegation people.  After being restrained by Amity workers Tris is injected with an unknown medicine that put her to sleep and solves problems. The book is gaining a little more intensity and more problems and action are arising. 

Insurgent: As Read Thoughts and Summary #1 and 2

Insurgent so far has been an alright book. The book carries on from the first novel, Divergent, where was has struck between Euridite who has put Dauntless members in a trance where they are programmed to kill the Abnegation. Tris and Four along with others are at the Amity Compound where they are safe but fear they will not be able to stay for long because of arising conflict between them and other members who are hiding out in the Amity camp to stay safe.